fleur language. 
by annika hein on May 25, 2015

Can we speak in flowers, it will be easier for me to understand
– other language [ Nayyyirah Waheed ]

Milky white glass, surrounded by supple alabaster wax, the smell luxuriously heightening your senses as soft subtle blasts of plant pleasure, delicate, gentle and all consuming are released into the atmosphere. Ethereal words, thick with airy, luminous connotations and poetic otherworldly intricacies, are grouped together in the form of a title. Phrases like, Pale Lilac, Pom Pom, Moon Flower, Babyland, Capsule and Nothing, embody an irrevocable intimacy between word and smell, and you’re left to believe these titles are in fact names, names drenched in thought, connection and personality. Inspired by the natural world, simple, pure and honest, Flower Alchemy is a minimal aesthetic that refuses to cause distraction.

From its humbled beginnings that saw labels either mocked-up on Microsoft Word, or hand drawn and blue tacked to the front of a clear glass, [ Jane’s first candle, poured for herself ], Flower Alchemy has always been a celebration of natural beauty. Long before the first candle was ever poured, collections of paper notes would house the names of beloved flowers and plants, the first imagined stages of what would become a wondrous concept. These handwritten notes detailed the species that Jane had read about, fell in love with and subsequently dreamt about, natural muses that consumed her mind, as she imagined how they would look and how they would smell. It would take her about three years from the time of pouring her first candle to even getting close to the beautifully curated collection she has on offer today, and during that time she recalls endless practise, attempts of wax blends and trials of scent infusions. Her favourite creation? ‘CAPSULE’, and although at the time of answering our interview there were no Flower Alchemy candles burning, Jane admits she loves being surrounded by the scent of her own candles.

To quote her own words, Jane is a softly spoken slow moving person, and the excerpt below is just a little insight into the beautifully creative vision behind Flower Alchemy…

Hello, my name is Jane, from Flower Alchemy. My first thought this morning was, trying to remember my dream, whilst looking at a tiny sleepy baby face. The first thing I did was breastfeed and the first thing I drank was coffee. At the moment I am sitting on a day bed, wearing a huge black jumper and old VERNER track pants, listening to a song playing out of my boyfriends phone, I’m not sure what it is (it sounds smooth), but dreaming I was, eating a chocolate croissant! When I look up at the sky, I search for the moon and it makes me think, hi moon. My favourite person in the world is Violet and the person who is most inspiring to me is also Violet, everything she does is so honest and pure. My favourite flowers on this planet are tulips, because they remind me of beauty, cold weather and my heritage. My ultimate goal in life is to be a really cool old person,but my goal for today was just to get to swimming lessons on time. My star sign is Cancer and I feel the happiest when it's not hot and I’m near the ocean. If I could live anywhere in the world it would be in, Bangalow (where I live), because it's utterly beautiful and the air is oxygen rich. Lastly, you should always remember to be kind to our earth.

When we say alchemy you think... magic
What about twinkle?... star
Turn?... on
Light?... love 
And what if we said craft?... crafty
Fragrance?... sniff
Ok just a couple more, mood?... ring
Fast... forward
Sense... sensual
Float... air