look out!
by annika hein on october 22, 2015

I have collected magazine since I was 16 years old. Nearly every printed publication I’ve purchased in the last 11 years now resides in our house and studio, “gathering dust,” “taking up room,” confusing people and just generally being overtly heavy. They’ve moved with me up state, interstate, and been regretfully placed in storage for a painful six months; it’s a pretty big commitment holding onto what would now be an upward of 500 piece library, archived and collected since 2004 throughout Australia, New York, London, Paris, Rome, Copenhagen and Liechtenstein, one that involves some fairly humorous justification to friends, family and some less than impressed removalists.

“Gathering dust” and “taking up room.”

I used quotation marks because although they’re not untrue statements, (the top of the pile is more often than not covered in a subtle grey sheen, and the purposefully curated stacks do more than just take up room, they contribute to the space) they’re such lazy and predictable delusions. Shift your perception and these piles upon paper-weighted piles become all inspiration no burden.


There’s a certain curiosity in finding beauty and inspiration in something that could have just as easily been disregarded, something that you’ve been consumed by before, something timeless that takes you imagination on different journey each time you remember to just stop and subconsciously open those pages. 

From the Archives: Oyster #95 LOOK OUT issue 2011 feat. Lindsey Wixson x Will Davidson. Re-discovered for the 3rd or 4th time on October 22nd 2015