mbfw16: backstage at dion lee
by annika hein on may 16, 2016

The first night of our collaboration with REDKEN at MBFWA, took us up some 28 levels up to top of 1 Bligh street, where Dion Lee closed day two at Bloomberg HQ, above the shimmering Sydney cityscape. Before the resort 17 collection made its way down the runway, we got a closer look backstage and took five minutes with model Eveline Rose as REDKEN Hair Director John Pulitano (Headcase Hair) worked her hair into an undone, grunge-inspired ponytail . 

Backstage @ Dion Lee, 6:52PM, Monday 16th May. 

Full name: Eveline Rose Patricia Milward.
Agency: Priscillas.
Shows this week: I don't actually know how many shows I'm doing.
Star sign: Aries.
What do you keep on your bedside table: Books, a glass of water, sunglasses, a lamp.
2am is for: Sleep.
Pizza delivery or brunch: Brunch.
You should always remember to: Take your makeup off at night.
If you weren't modelling you would be: umm jobless! Ha ha, I have no idea.
First thing you did this morning: I was on a plane from New York.
How do you like your coffee: Milky with sugar.
What would you like to learn: The piano.
Beautiful or bazaar: Bazaar.
Favourite street to walk down: Hall street in Bondi.
AM or PM: PM.
Docos or reality TV: Docos.
Print or digital: Print.
What do you feel most comfortable in: Sweat pants.
If you could live anywhere in the work world where would it be: New York.
When you're off duty, your hair is: umm untouched I guess - like I just woke up.
Favourite Redken product: I love their Fashion Waves 07 Sea Salt Spray.

all images by The Grey Attic, taken on a Polaroid 600