mbfw16: backstage with redken at bec & bridge.
by annika hein on may 17, 2016

Surrounded by a team of six or seven session stylists who were watching his next move with intense intrigue, Redken Hair Director, Alan White worked the hair of model after model into a luxe textured ponytail; equal parts polish and undone effortlessness.
My plan was to approach the interview with the same direction I had all the others throughout our collaboration with Redken at MBFWA. With a preconceived notion, or rather determination to get a little bit more than the typical, I was armed with questions that promised to take us through Alan’s creative process, and the correlation he believes exists between hair and fashion. Once backstage however, most of my ambition deserted me. Two hours out from the 1pm start and there was a long line of girls waiting for their eyes to be glistened with a single silver streak and their hair to be humidified before being promptly and aptly polished.
Timing is an important thing to understand, and intuition told me now was not the time to attempt my previously planned questions, so instead I watched, listened and observed as Alan commanded the room, directed his team and light-heartedly turned down interview requests that were not specifically directed to the task, or rather, hair at hand. In the end I simply asked him to tell me, in his own words, about the look and how his direction was influenced by the element of resort.

“The girls are in southern India; it's hot, it's moist, there's humidity in the air and all that sort of stuff. They’ve basically got a little bit of texture and moisture in their hair and they're pulling it up into a high ponytail that keeps the look young. So it's not down low at the nape of the neck or really even at the centre of the crown, it's a little bit higher, so it gives it that youthful kind of vibe. They’re wandering around, doing their thing, but they've got a little bit of polish to their look. It's very simple, very Bec & Bridge and very undone. I think the fact that the season is now resort, more than anything, has actually given the direction a little more maturity – we’ve found the right amount of texture, put in the right amount of polish and then propped it up like the girls did it themselves. And to create this we used, Guts 10 Volume Spray Foam, Wind Blown 05 Dry Finishing Spray and Diamond Oil to finish, which gives the look that little bit of luxury.”

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