mbfw16; backstage with redken at han.
by annika hein on may 20, 2016

Despite the vastness of the space and the detailed wooden constructs that had been erected that morning, you could hear and feel the HAN run-through long before you could see it.

Moving through the concrete hallway, on day four of our collaboration with Redken at MBFWA, the air was thick and ashy as smoke settled in the atmosphere, dancing around in the spotlights. The beat was loud and heavy, sending rhythmic vibrations shooting through the floor, pulsing through the framework and rattling the wiry metal gate that served as the runway’s entrance. Watching a group of HAN’s models bounce around to the near deafening beat of Kanye West, awaiting their turn to stamp – with speed – down the ultra-extended runway, the energy, but more importantly the aesthetic was unmistakable. Despite the grandeur of the set and the elaborate dramatics, the whole thing felt very authentic, very raw, undone and real. The ground was damp, there was only front row seating and the space – other than the elements that were built specifically for the show – was left near untouched, adding a backstage, back alley attitude.

Oversized outerwear that was characteristically effortless and dependably in control, the collection was parred back, luxuriously wearable and diligently devoted to the element of lifestyle. Subtle colour variations were combined with clean cuts, skilfully executed design details, a moody beauty look and severely slicked back hair with just the right amount dishevelment directed by Redken’s John Pulitano.

SEASON 1 by HAN moved strategically and artfully towards the design ideal that encompasses and explores the concept of non-seasonal collections. 

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