mbfw16: wrap up.
by annika hein on june 1, 2016 

“Oh how fun!”
“Can you get me into all the parties?”
“And think of all the goodie bags!”

These were a few of the unknowing statements that sided their way into conversations I had in the lead up to MBFWA 16 – as though we were leaving for a holiday, or better yet a week long party put on purely for dancing and socialising. A party, which apparently came with an endless supply of party favours and enviable gift bags.

Admittedly most of the above claims were made by family members or close friends who, despite countless explanations, still have a hard time understanding exactly what it is that I do.

“Oh so you took that photo?”
“No mum, remember I’m not the photographer!”

And in their defence, the landscape of a fashion working environment is a little more dramatic than your typical 9-5pm, and the theatrics are only multiplied ten fold when we’re talking about fashion week.

“They should play some music in here, create a little atmosphere.” I said a little too loudly in the dark and very quiet media room just moments after exiting Cynthia Rowley’s bongo-beach party come runway, or was it Bec and Bridge’s modern India dreamland?

Evidentially, even I couldn’t decide if it was work or play – I guess it depends on how many champagnes you’ve had, or more importantly at what time you had your first.

Despite the pretty packaging however and contrary to popular belief, there was work to be done. Over the course of our weeklong collaboration with REDKEN at MBFWA 16, we clocked some 24 shows, 18 hours backstage, five days on site, 14 Uber rides, one hotel change, 48 polaroids and 3 memory cards.

But this is fashion, not maths, so for now, here are our most covetable hair moments and backstage snapshots from the week.


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