redken x dion lee MBFWA resort 18

For the visually inclined mind, one with highly attuned expectations for the barely there, but meticulously deliberate details, aesthetics are everything. Purposeful integration that collides with subtle intricacies;
Gentle, yet methodically refined.

Quiet details drenched in excellence, with exteriors as diligently designed and carefully considered as the promise of what’s inside. No distractions, nothing to hide behind, no guise, no fancifully coverage, just the remains of identities built upon the strength of their forte.

Aesthetical execution of the simplest kind, minimal and effortless, not to be confused with predictable, these appearances have considerable depth. Cocooned in an intricate nonchalance, their interior is weighted, heavy and significant; full of substance and dedication. Pared back and refined, the simplicity speaks volumes. A silent communication of messages that can so often and so easily become lost in translation. 

These brands are built upon the strength of their simplistic creative declarations, the visual announcement that, “less is in fact more!” The theory, however only holds it’s own, if this embodiment of what some would perceive as plainness, is saturated with contradicting connotations of luxury and a dedication to a personal brand experience that sings louder than any fanfare, flash or flourish could ever aspire to.

Mastering the balance between refined and innovative and highlighting the significance of those seemingly understated details are two industry leaders who collaborated earlier this week.

In a recent pre-Fashion Week collaboration with celebrated designer, Dion Lee, Redken Global Artist – John Pulitano, Headcase Hair, NSW – created an arresting hair look inspired by Lee’s highly anticipated Resort 2018 collection. Adopting Lee’s distinctive utilitarian aesthetic and signature detailing, Pulitano’s effortless hair directive exuded the unmistakable glamour of a resort escapade.

This year, Redken 5th Avenue  celebrates its 10th year as the Official Hair Partner of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia which kicks off Sunday 14th May with Lee’s Opening Show at the Sydney Opera House. The iconic hair brand’s revered hair directors will be leading a 70-strong tribe of Redken session stylist backstage to create the looks that will dictate the most coveted hair trends for the new season.